Never do change (iwontletugo) wrote in radiant_beautie,
Never do change


As the maintainer of radiant_beauty I officialy am closing it down.

It is not going ANYWHERE! no one is promoting obviously, no one is being active and NO ONE IS JOINING! There is no sense of keeping a community open if no one is joining it.

I tried to make a new theme week to boost it back up and NONE OF YOU participated. So when that didnt work i decided to get some new MODS. That worked for a little and brought a few more people in but just not enough.

So Im going to have to close it down. Thank you to all of the new mods for trying your hardest, You are great. And thanks to the people who WERE active and kept it going this far. It was a great community while it lasted. But it's nothing now.
so bye bye radiant beauty <3

If you want to add me go right ahead, i will add you back.

and i DO have another community that i maintain it is called hot_emo_bitches. So if you were a member of this community i will reccomend you joining that one it is really active and has alot of members.
<33/ your former mod and maintainer: Valerie
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